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Taking artisan meats postal


Oh, my word. Meat has never been so exciting. The ‘go-to’ place for fresh and cured meats, Meatbox celebrates artisan producers from every corner of the UK. We’re continuously searching every little nook and cranny for things like beautiful Biltongs and sensational saucissons so that you don’t have to. In fact, we consider it our mission to find the very best of British meat, and bring it fresh to your doorstep.


Our story…the tale of two ‘meat heads’.

Stefan Cudby was practically built-on-biltong. He grew up in the Middle East and spent much of his time at multi-cultural motorbike racing events. So, it wasn’t long before he got hooked on his first South African meat treat. It was not only a handy snack to have around in the middle of the desert, but he likes to think the protein gave him special performance powers too.


Jesse Rees

Jesse Rees on the other hand has lived in Italy, France and other parts of the world where charcuterie is already a big deal. So, when he introduced some of his favourite local charcuterie to friends as a bar snack, he was quick to create a base of raving fans.


Meaty matchmakers…

Keen to expose the nation’s best meat products to more people Jesse and Stefan decided to take the farmers market postal. We now get to go and unearth these hidden treasures and make sure that the skills, passion and flair of local British producers are finally applauded.


At Meatbox, we believe that the standard of meat products from small, artisan, British producers is ridiculously excellent, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be prohibitively expensive.


Our boxes now ensure that affordable, quality charcuterie finds its way seamlessly to people’s front door to be enjoyed by families all over the country. We want as many meat fans as possible to experience these ethically produced meat treats. After all, they are impeccably crafted by the very best of Britain’s smaller farms and small holdings, from organic, grass fed stock.


We go out of our way to select British and Irish farms…not factories.


Some of the Meatbox producers are third and fourth generation charcuteries. Some of them are former professional athletes, some exude the panache of their continental Europe heritage. One thing is for sure though, they are all passionate about what they do.


The adventure begins

From those brilliant Billtongs, to sensational saucissons, beefy beer snacks and protein-packed products for fitness fans, Meatbox celebrates the whole rich offering. The contents are changed constantly so that customers can explore tastes and flavours that they simply won’t find in their local supermarkets and stores.


Go ahead and check out our blog for tips on flavour pairings for meats, beers and wines.


Browse around to see our spotlighted beef, pork and venison meat products and read some of the stories behind the brands. Meatboxes have a long shelf life and are delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. They can even cater for one-off gifts – you decide.


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