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….meeting a fast-growing market for high quality British charcuterie in bars and pub & restaurant kitchens


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The Foresters Arms, Frogham

Biltongs, droewers, stockkies, saucissons, salamis, chorizos, pork pokers, chilli beef bites, protein snacks and a whole lot more – from the farm and the butcher to your bar or kitchen, to serve your customers appetites for a new best-selling foodie and bar snack sensation!


With increasing demand for UK artisan charcuterie in pubs, bars and restaurants – either as a tasty bar snack that’s healthier, more nutritious and tastier than crisps or salted nuts, or served as part or all of a lunch or dinner platter – Meatbox Wholesale are your ideal choice for serving up the best in British cured meats.


Meatbox’s successful subscription box service has enabled us to research and source the finest products from hundreds of independent ‘niche’ suppliers, so we’re able to make it easy for the food and beverage sector to serve up exactly what customers are looking for – ‘insanely tasty’ cured meats from the small, grass roots suppliers who are creating a mouth-watering range of new-wave and traditional British charcuterie, sustainably and ethically produced and otherwise only available direct from the supplier.


Meet Meatbox Wholesale


Due to ongoing popular demand from bars and pub kitchens Meatbox have now created a wholesale service offering outstanding charcuterie choice for all types of establishments, budgets and consumer tastes – supported by excellent customer service, ease of ordering and flexible, reliable delivery.


We have worked closely with award winning chefs, charcutieres and farmers, to develop a dedicated bar and kitchen range, making it easy for you to make the most of this fast-growing market.


Meatbox Bar Snacks


A wide range of biltongs, beef chips and beer sticks which are perfect with beer, lager, cider, wine or gin (in fact almost anything) – full of natural protein and nutrition rather than traditional salt, fat and chemical laden beer snacks, better tasting and better for your customers. Individually wrapped packs sealed for freshness and convenience, with exceptional shelf life. Supplied with a range of eye-catching sales presentation materials.


Meatbox Kitchen Range


Ideal for creating sensational contemporary ‘tasting’ platters or classic-styled UK cured meat boards, either as a stand- alone or as part of a mixed deli platter. We can supply a huge variety of cured meats and cuts to compliment your bar kitchen/restaurant style and customer profile, with a flexible service that enables you to offer both best-selling favourites and brand new cured meat ideas from our wonderful and innovative UK craft charcutieres.


Meatbox Wholesale – an appetising new way to feed your business, your customers, and your bottom line!

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