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★We’re coming to a bar near you!★

We're pleased to announce that you will be able to experience the very best of British charcuterie in bars and pubs across the South Coast and London! Will we be coming to a bar near you soon?...
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Meatbox’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Salami Day

You may not have known this but Friday is national Salami Day, and boy do we love us a good salami here at Meatbox so we’re sharing our favourite 5 ways to pay homage to the sausages sassy cousin.
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Protein for Athletes

Research has also found that athletes with a heavy training schedule, who add red meat to their diet before and after training, will intake an average protein level of 25-40 gms/kg of body weight.
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What is Biltong?

It would have been hard to imagine then that the necessity to preserve meat for the early travellers, would create a whole new eating sensation today.
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5 Reasons To Include Biltong In Your Diet

MeatBox has researched high and low to compile a collection of Biltong which is both nutritious and an epicurean delight. A convenient snack to enjoy quietly or for people on the move.
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