Why meat and not other snacks?

Lean Air Dried Biltong

No artificial colours or flavouring, low in salt, high in protein and gluten free…it all adds up to a better, healthier and tastier way to snack.


Cured meat snacks from Meatbox are so much better for you than existing snack foods such as crisps, nuts and pork scratchings – even the posh ones! Whereas snacks like those are full of artificial additives, salt and fat, our cured meats and biltong are low in sugar, low in carbs, high in protein, gluten free and with zero MSG. Snacking has never been so healthy – or tasty!


Meatbox solves the problem of having to search for the quality ‘real food’ that comes from small independent specialist charcuteries – we seek out the very best cured meat products for you and deliver them direct.


Our suppliers source their meats exclusively from British farms using sustainable farming methods and who specialise in organic husbandry. We are 100% committed to an ethos of fresh, local and natural, across the complete food production chain.


Pure meat, pure flavour – pure enjoyment!!


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